Free from Administration

Sharing the administration department responsibilities to create an environment where you can focus on your business.
Billing, collection management, payroll, payments, and more...
Why don't you leave the essential yet tedious administrative tasks to an external administrative department to concentrate your internal resources on the business?


These are some of the issues
faced in administrative operations:

Issue 1

Resources are overwhelmed
by administrative tasks.

Issue 2

There is no expertise resulting
in concerns about in-house support.

Issue 3

Can't afford to spend too much money
on administrative tasks.

AdmiShare's Shared Administrative Department
will solve all of these problems.

Merit 1

Secure resources by outsourcing

Outsource your administrative tasks so you can focus your resources where they belong, resulting in smoother operations of your core business.

Merit 2

Leave it to the experts for peace of mind

We operate by an accounting firm and have several certified public accountants and tax accountants onboard to provide you with support in various fields.

Merit 3

Cut costs

Not only can you free up your internal resources, but there have also been examples of related costs being cut by a third!

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Service Lineup

Accounting Section

In the accounting section, there are many very important tasks that cannot be omitted, such as billing, payment, and collections management. By outsourcing these tasks to a specialized team, you can have more time to focus on your business.


Human Resources Section

In addition to payroll calculation and issuing and distributing payslips, human resources work includes social insurance and labor insurance procedures, procedures for entering and leaving the company, year-end adjustments, and more. Any errors in calculation or omissions in procedures will directly impact the lives of employees, so it is necessary to ensure that everything is done accurately and without any oversights.



In order to create an environment where you can concentrate on your business, we offer accounting consultation services at reasonable prices. In addition to spot preparation, including trial balance preparation and transition document preparation, we can also take care of high-demand tasks such as payroll and invoice delivery.



Please use the online form for consultations and inquiries.

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